3 Tips To Minimize Your Hail Damage In Denver

Thursday, 28 May 2020 12:03

Coloradans are no strangers to hail damage. Every year, cities all along the front range of the Rocky mountains endure numerous hail storms. Many of those hail storms are brief, but many others have the potential to be devastating. Even a single hail storm can inflict significant damages upon your property. Like many other homeowners, you may be curious as to how you can minimize your hail damage in Denver. What kinds of proactive measures can you take against those upcoming hail storms?

Our contractors at Ethos have been repairing hail damaged roofs in Colorado for decades. Thanks to our experience, we understand the best ways that you can prevent hail damage on your property. Stick with our handy tips and you’ll be able to effectively protect your property from hail storms.

Leverage High-Quality Materials

The resilience of your roof is only as strong as your first line of defense: your shingles. If you hope to effectively minimize your hail damage in Denver, then you need durable shingles that are impact-resistant. That means you shouldn’t invest in the cheapest shingles that you can find. The cost of a product does not always reflect its quality, but that is often not the case in the roofing industry.

Trust us: It pays off to invest wisely in impact-resistant (IR) shingles. As "Class 4" products, impact-resistant shingles are designed to withstand high winds up to 110 mph and high-velocity impacts from hail stones. IR shingle options may be slightly pricier than other shingles, but they offer your roof long-term protection. Your IR shingles will pay for themselves in the long run and help reduce your maintenance costs as well. In some cases, these IR shingles can even prevent premature roof replacements.

If you really want to minimize the hail damage to your property, you must invest in high-quality shingles. At Ethos, for instance, we leverage the superior quality of GAF shingles. Many of their shingle products are impact-resistant and they’re backed by exceptional warranties. These IR shingles can provide incredible protection from the Colorado elements for years to come.

Address Your Property Concerns

On its own, hail can inflict some significant damage on your home and your roof. When other exterior hazards are in the mix, that damage can become amplified. If you really want to minimize and prevent hail damage, then you must address your exterior property concerns. Before the next hail storm rolls through Denver, we’d recommend that you:

  • Trim any overhanging branches - Even a light hail storm could break some of the limbs off of your surrounding trees. You can minimize your potential property damages by trimming those branches now.
  • Clean your gutters - As a homeowner, you should clean out your gutter systems a few times every year. Blocked gutters will almost always result in excess water damages elsewhere on your property. You can minimize the property damages of hail by cleaning out your gutters now.
  • Move your outdoor furniture inside - Even the most sturdy furniture sets can take a beating from a short hail storm. Remember to round up your outdoor furniture items and move them into a secure location, like your garage. At the very least, we’d recommend you securely cover those outdoor items with a tarp or hail blanket.

There are, of course, many other adjustments that you can make to protect your property. For instance, you could install shutters on your windows for some extra protection. You may also want to consider adding makeshift canopies over your plants and landscapes. Just make sure you address your property concerns before the next storm hits.

Acquire The Right Insurance Policy

At the end of the day, there are only so many ways that you minimize your potential property damages from hail storms. You can’t prevent all of the damages that may result from a passing storm. You can, however, be financially prepared for those damages.

Before the next storm descends from the Rockies, make sure you have the right homeowner’s insurance policy in place. Double-check your policy to ensure that you are covered for storm damages. It also wouldn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the roof insurance claim process too.

In order to minimize your hail damage in Denver, you must thoroughly prepare your property. Wouldn’t you rather be over-prepared for the next hail storm than ill-prepared?

Repair Experts For Your Roof Hail Damage In Denver

We all know that Colorado is overdue for some nasty hail storms. The best way to minimize the impacts of those impending storms is to fix and upgrade your roof now. At Ethos, we have been addressing storm damages for Colorado homeowners since our inception. We’ll restore the integrity of your roof with exceptional materials and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Contact the roofing pros at Ethos today to prepare your home for hail damage in Denver.