How To Find A Trustworthy Fort Collins Roofing Company

Monday, 06 April 2020 11:25

As a homeowner, you want to show your property the best care and attention possible. It’s the best way to maintain the value of your home and improve upon it as well. That means trust is an incredibly important requirement when you’re searching for contractors. Tremendous weight is placed upon the quality of a contractor’s work, so they must be worthy of your trust. We’ve all heard the horror stories of unreliable contractors failing to finish projects or delivering subpar work. When your roof is in need of repairs, trust must be a top priority during your contractor search. How can you find a trustworthy Fort Collins roofing company?

As it turns out, it is easier than you might think to find trusted roofers. Let our handy advice guide your search.

Signs You Can Trust A Fort Collins Roofing Company

A number of attributes and qualities can strengthen your trust in a given roofing company. Referrals and recommendations from your family and friends are always a great place to start. There are, however, a few key characteristics that should inspire your trust in a roofer. Let’s dive into some of those critical trusting attributes.

Security And Stability

All too often, we’ve seen homeowners succumb to the non-stop soliciting of “storm chaser” roofers. Many national roofing companies will have roofers bounce from city to city to solicit for quick roofing jobs. Those roofers are not local to your area, which means they won’t stick around for long. Once they’re gone, you might feel like they’ve deserted you. Who will you turn to for your future roofing needs? You’ll have to completely restart your search for Fort Collins roofing contractors. It’s safe to say that those “storm chaser” roofers are not to be trusted.

Instead, it’s wiser to go with a roofing company that’s been established in your area for some time. Local roofers are a more stable choice for your roofing needs. Those local contractors will have lengthy experience repairing and replacing roofs in your city. Local roofers are familiar with the local building codes, best practices, and they are well established in your area. With this option, you have roofing support right around the corner! And since local roofers are driven by their local reputations, you can usually trust their quality of work.

Honesty And Transparency

The golden rule of honesty must be a top requirement for every homeowner’s roofing search! It’s a central pillar of a reliable contracting option. When a roofer makes promises and claims, they have to be able to follow through on those statements. Otherwise you risk damaging the value of your home.

Far too many homeowners end up being misled or deceived by contractors on a yearly basis. Some roofing companies will make unjustified claims and pressure customers into making a firm commitment. Have you ever worked with a contractor who failed to fulfill their promises? If so, then you should already know why honesty is so critical when hiring contractors.

A trustworthy Fort Collins roofing company will emphasize honesty and transparency at every step of the way. From their company website to their in-person inspections, the golden rule should shine through from every facet. If you’re looking for trustworthy roofers, we believe that:

  • Every promise should be backed up by factual evidence.
  • Every conversation should be informative and stress-free.
  • Every estimate should be thoroughly detailed and entirely clear.

Reliable roofers never make false claims or skew real-world results. Make sure that your preferred roofers are honest and clear at every possible point.

Proven Track Record

While the criteria pieces outlined above are important for your roofer search, nothing is as critical as their experience. As a homeowner, you don’t want to let inexperienced roofers handle your repairs or restorations. A lack of roofing experience could lead to subpar or unprofessional roof repairs. Are you willing to take that risk with an inexperienced roofing company?

It would be wiser to work with a more experienced contracting option. At Ethos, for instance, we have been serving the Fort Collins area as veteran roofers for many years. Each contractor on our team has completed a wide range of roof repairs, installations, and replacements. We’ve got the track record to back up our expertise and to establish a level of trust in our quality of work.

As you review your options for Fort Collins roofing companies, be sure to examine their past work. View prior customer testimonials to get a clearer picture on the quality of work that a roofer can provide. We’d also recommend that you review customer reviews across a variety of mediums to make sure you can trust your preferred contractors.

Upgrade Your Roof With A Trusted Fort Collins Roofing Company

Trust is the most important box to check off when you’re hiring roofing contractors. At Ethos, trust is embedded in everything that we do. We prioritize open and honest communication with our customers throughout our entire professional relationships. We’re well-established in the Fort Collins area and we can easily back up our expertise. We strive to be ethical, credible, and trustworthy whenever possible.

Contact Ethos today to schedule a FREE roofing inspection with your trusted Fort Collins roofing company.