Are You Filing Your Claim Properly?
When it comes down to filing a #claim, don't make these common mistakes. Make sure you're filing your insurance claim correctly this coming hail season.
Do You Have To Use The Insurance Company's Preferred Contractor?
So, does the homeowner really have to use the #insurance company's preferred contractor(s)? We break down all the facts.
How Important Is It For A Consumer To Hire A Reputable Contractor?
It's imperative to hire only the best contractors. You may think you're saving money by going with a less than reputable company, but this could have major consequences in the long run.
What Drives An Insurance Company's Decisions And Actions?
What drives an #insurance company's decisions and actions through the claims process? Let's discuss.
What Obligation Does The Insurance Company Have To You After A Claim Is Filed?
We've talked about what duty you have to your #insurance company, but what about what the obligation your insurance has to you? Find out more here.
What Is The Obligation To The Insurance Company After A Claim Has Been Filed?
So, what obligation do you have to the #insurance company after a claim has been filed? We'll walk you through it.
Does The Amount Of Your Claim Affect Future Premiums?
Does the amount of your #claim affect future premiums? Tune in to find out.
How Important Is It To Have A Good Insurance Agent?
Having a good insurance agent is critical for a smooth claims process. Tune in to find out everything you need to know.
Should You Be Afraid To Call In An Insurance Claim?
We've sat down with Steve Patrick, an expert in the restoration field, to answer the burning question: should you be afraid to call in an insurance claim?
The Art Of The Claim: We Welcome Steve Patrick
In this episode of The Art Of The Claim, we welcome Steve Patrick, author of "Level The Playing Field". We're so excited to be able to sit down with an expert in the insurance and restoration industry.
The Art Of The Claim: Interview With Public Adjuster Steve Zeigler
Gain industry insights from long-time pro, Steve Zeigler. Working as a public adjuster, Steve can offer expertise to homeowners you can't get anywhere else.
The Art Of The Claim: What Experience Is Required To Become An Adjuster?
Becoming an insurance adjuster does not have strict experience requirements. Especially when disaster strikes, your adjuster may not have the expertise necessary to get you what you need.
The Art Of The Claim: How Is My Insurance Agent Involved In A Claim?
You should trust your insurance agent. However, your agent has an isolated role in your property damage claim, so you want to make sure that you have other representatives on your side, as well.
The Art Of The Claim: How Do I Select The Right Contractor?
Having a bad contractor can be worse than having no contractor. Getting all of your damage addressed is a long, detailed process. When looking for a contractor you trust, vet them thoroughly and trust your gut.
The Art Of The Claim: What Should I Do After A Storm Hits My Property?
If you notice collateral damage, like car or outdoor furniture, that might indicate more serious roof damage, call in a claim to your insurance company to begin the process.
The Art Of The Claim: When Do You Need An Appraisal?
Wondering when an appraisal is necessary? Every claim includes an appraisal clause which can be invoked when the insurance adjuster and contractor disagree on the scope of damage.
The Art Of The Claim: Getting Resolution With The Insurance Company Through Appraisal
Appraisal comes into play when an insurance adjuster and contractor disagree on the total damage a property has incurred. Learn more about when to retain an appraiser and what the process looks like for the homeowner.
The Art Of The Claim: A Full Interview With Brett Allen
Learn industry insights from pro, Brett Allen, as he is interviewed by roofing expert, Constantine Anest.