Ethos Roofing and Restoration: Centennial Testimonial
We helped this customer get more money back from his insurance company by finding more damage to his roof that his insurance company missed.
We hope you enjoy your new roof and thank you for choosing Ethos! Read More
Wind Damage Inspection: Damage to Shingles
Often times, wind storms result in loss or significant damage to shingles on your roof. If you don't see it from the ground or aren't sure what you're looking for exactly, it is possible that the next time a storm Read More
Wind Damage: Inspection Process
If you suspect your roof has been damaged, it is best to have someone come take a look.
The first thing we do is take care of any water intrusion coming from the roof. We tarp the areas then assess Read More
FAQ: Insurance Checks for Your Home Project
The first check from your insurance company, is not the final offer. You don't want to commence any work until you have an agreement with your insurance company, here's why:
Do You Have to Select Your Roofer Based on Insurance Recommendation?
You don't have to use the roofer recommended by your insurance company. It is best to make your selection by reputation, so you can maximize your insurance claim.
Installing a GAF Timberline Roof
We are a master elite certified contractor. Through that certification, we are able to offer certain warranties, some up to 25 years.
We're walking you through a proper roof install and going through the necessary steps, so you have an Read More
Ethos FAQ: Why You Should Hire a General Contractor
When you file an insurance claim, you're entering into negotiation with your insurance company. Working with a general contracting company can significantly help you through that process.
Ethos FAQ: Impact Resistant Shingles
Are impact resistant shingles worth the upgrade cost? We're breaking it down for you.
Ethos Roofing: Meet The Owner
Are you dealing with a roofing issue or storm damage to your property? We are fully equipped with the resources to handle those issues for you. Contact us today to speak to a representative.
Ethos Testimonial
Check out what our client had to say about the damage we found on his house and how we helped him receive more money from his insurance company. Thank you for choosing Ethos!
What Should You Do After A Storm?
A storm can do a lot of damage to a home. There are a few steps that should be taken before filing any claims.
Waiving The Deductible
Waiving your deductible is something that you don't want to do. It's a crime, and a big red flag. Here's why.
Selecting The Right Contractor
How do you select the right contractor? There are certain things to look, avoid, and the right questions to ask.
Getting 3 Bids For Your Insurance Company
Do you need to get 3 bids for your insurance company? We're answering that question in depth.
Understanding Your Insurance Policy
There are 3 key items to know when it comes to understanding your insurance policy. We're explaining the importance of these items, today.
Insurance Adjusters vs General Contractor Estimate
Wondering why your estimates are so different? We're breaking it down.
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3 Roofing Materials Our Denver Roofing Contractors Recommend
When it comes to roof repair and roof replacement projects, we consistently field questions from Colorado homeowners about roofing materials. From shingles and sealants to ventilation and gutter systems, our roofers have a vast knowledge of roofing materials, and we Read More
Why You Need To Compare And Vet Loveland Roofing Contractors
Whether your roof needs drastic storm damage repairs or you just want to have it professionally inspected, your selection of a roofing expert matters greatly. There are plenty of roofing contractors throughout the Loveland area, and they all come with Read More
6 Steps To Your Storm Restoration In Fort Collins, CO
Snowstorms and hailstorms are quite common across the Front Range of the Rockies, and every Fort Collins resident knows this. When your property sustains damage from those storms, you'll need to seek out professionals who specialize in storm restoration in Read More
4 Questions To Ask Your Insurance Agent
We're explaining the importance of understanding your insurance policy so you can ensure a successful outcome. There are 4 questions you should ask your insurance agent so you're fully prepared for any out of pocket expenses that you might run Read More
Selecting The Right Contractor For Your Project
Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet to selecting the right contractor, but we are sharing four tips that can help you increase your chances of finding the right contractor for your job!
4 Important Questions To Ask Your Insurance Agent
We're here to help you understand your insurance policy so you can ensure a successful outcome. There are 4 important questions to ask your insurance agent so you can be prepared for any out of pocket expenses that you may Read More
An In-Depth Guide To Your Roof Inspection In Golden, CO
Throughout the year, the quaint city of Golden, CO will witness plenty of snowstorms, hailstorms, and thunderstorms. While your roof will keep the weather out of your home, it will inevitably suffer damage over time. When that happens, you'll need Read More
How To Find The Right Littleton Roofer For Your Needs
When your roof is damaged, you likely want to get it repaired ASAP. That sense of urgency may cause you to forego vetting your options and instead hire the first roofer you find. However, that's not always in your best Read More
6 Steps To File Roofing Insurance Claims in Fort Collins, CO
Your homeowner's insurance policy is in place to help keep you financially protected in the event of disastrous damage. If your roof suffered damage from hail, wind, or a falling tree, what do you do next? We know the claims Read More
5 Questions To Ask A Roofer In Greeley After Your Inspection
The roof of every home will inevitably suffer damage and decay over the years. When that happens, you’ll need to get your property inspected by a professional roofer in Greeley. They’ll be able to pinpoint any damaged areas and recommend Read More
Why Hire General Contractors In Fort Collins For Your Roof?
When your roof becomes damaged, you’ll need to find a reputable contractor to repair and restore it. However, finding the right roofer in Fort Collins is often easier said than done. From small businesses to nationwide chains, there are plenty Read More
6 Things That Affect The Cost Of A Roof Replacement In Denver
A damaged roof cannot be ignored, and sometimes roof repairs just won’t do the trick to fully restore it. You may instead benefit the most from a total roof replacement in Denver. Unfortunately, that kind of roofing project usually comes Read More