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Understanding The Appraisal When The Consumer Is Backed Into A Corner
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How To Handle An Inexperienced Or Unreasonable Adjuster
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Why Is It Important To Be On The Same Page As Your Contractor?
It is essential to be on the same page with your contractor prior to the adjuster being involved. We dive right in to everything you should know.
What Type Of Adjuster Can A Consumer Expect To Assess The Damage To Their Property?
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Are You Filing Your Claim Properly?
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Do You Have To Use The Insurance Company's Preferred Contractor?
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How Important Is It For A Consumer To Hire A Reputable Contractor?
It's imperative to hire only the best contractors. You may think you're saving money by going with a less than reputable company, but this could have major consequences in the long run.
What Drives An Insurance Company's Decisions And Actions?
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What Obligation Does The Insurance Company Have To You After A Claim Is Filed?
We've talked about what duty you have to your #insurance company, but what about what the obligation your insurance has to you? Find out more here.
What Is The Obligation To The Insurance Company After A Claim Has Been Filed?
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Does The Amount Of Your Claim Affect Future Premiums?
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What Causes A Difference In Scope And Price Between The Insurance Company And The Contractor?
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How Important Is It To Have A Good Insurance Agent?
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Should You Be Afraid To Call In An Insurance Claim?
We've sat down with Steve Patrick, an expert in the restoration field, to answer the burning question: should you be afraid to call in an insurance claim?
The Art Of The Claim: We Welcome Steve Patrick
In this episode of The Art Of The Claim, we welcome Steve Patrick, author of "Level The Playing Field". We're so excited to be able to sit down with an expert in the insurance and restoration industry.
The Art Of The Claim: Interview With Public Adjuster Steve Zeigler
Gain industry insights from long-time pro, Steve Zeigler. Working as a public adjuster, Steve can offer expertise to homeowners you can't get anywhere else.
The Art Of The Claim: Why Should I Call In A Claim?
Most homeowners insurance policies require you, the homeowner, to tell your insurance company. Failure to turn in a claim will void your coverage.
The Art Of The Claim: What Are Some Policy Issues Homeowners Get Blindsided With?
Homeowners are often blindsided by an increased deductible on wind and hail claims or a changed approach to damage evaluation based on how old a roof is.
The Art Of The Claim: What Should A Homeowner Know About Their Home Before A...
Insurance companies can notify homeowners of changes in the policy in conjunction with the renewal letter with just 30 days notice. Be sure to read your insurance policy and be proactive about your coverage. Call your agent when you have Read More
The Art Of The Claim: Make Sure You Understand The ACV Roof Endorsement
Fast Fact 4: Be careful of the ACV roof endorsement and the removal of the RCV after a certain time period.
The Art Of The Claim: If I File A Claim Will My Rates Go Up?
Due to the nature of extreme hail in Colorado, rates are going to likely continue to increase. This isn't due to the claims of individual homeowners, but rather The Law Of Large Numbers, which means that increased total damage from Read More