The Art Of The Claim: Can I Handle A Claim By Myself? The question isn't necessarily can you handle a claim by yourself, but rather should you? Without parallel expertise to your insurance agency, you are likely to miss important elements.
The Art Of The Claim: What Advice Would You Give To A Homeowner After A... The more complex a claim is, the more benefit a licensed public adjuster can offer a policy holder. The cards are stacked against homeowners, so it's important to know whose in your court.
The Art Of The Claim: Will The Insurance Company Compensate Me If I Hire A... The struggle with general contractors is due to the need for overhead and profit coverage that insurance companies need to cover. The general rule is that if three or more trades are involved, overhead and profit are warranted. It is ...
The Art Of The Claim: What Happens On The Insurance Side After A Storm Hits? Insurance adjusters travel to the site of major storms and go through orientation before going out and inspecting for claims.
The Art Of The Claim: Why Should I Call In A Claim? Most homeowners insurance policies require you, the homeowner, to tell your insurance company. Failure to turn in a claim will void your coverage.
The Art Of The Claim: What Are Some Policy Issues Homeowners Get Blindsided With? Homeowners are often blindsided by an increased deductible on wind and hail claims or a changed approach to damage evaluation based on how old a roof is.
The Art Of The Claim: What Should A Homeowner Know About Their Home Before A... Insurance companies can notify homeowners of changes in the policy in conjunction with the renewal letter with just 30 days notice. Be sure to read your insurance policy and be proactive about your coverage. Call your agent when you have ...
The Art Of The Claim: Make Sure You Understand The ACV Roof Endorsement Fast Fact 4: Be careful of the ACV roof endorsement and the removal of the RCV after a certain time period.
The Art Of The Claim: Not All Property Damage Is Created Equal Fast Fact 2: Understand your increased deductible on a wind or hail claim.
The Art Of The Claim: If I File A Claim Will My Rates Go Up? Due to the nature of extreme hail in Colorado, rates are going to likely continue to increase. This isn't due to the claims of individual homeowners, but rather The Law Of Large Numbers, which means that increased total damage from ...
The Art Of The Claim: How Do I Know If I Have Damage? The metal around your home, like your AC unit, for example, will be an easy way for homeowners to see whether or not a storm was significant enough to take action.
The Art Of The Claim: When Should A Homeowner Bring In A Public Adjuster? Public adjusters are best when there are policy issues, cosmetic exclusions, percentage deductibles, or limitations in code.
The Art Of The Claim: What Causes Disagreements With Insurance Companies? Overhead and profit is one of the most common causes for disagreement with an insurance company. If it is reasonably likely that a homeowner is going to hire a general contractor to perform the work, overhead and profit are going ...
The Art Of The Claim: What Steps Should A Homeowner Take After A Storm? You have 365 days from damage to file a claim - not settle it - so that you can get an adjuster on site. Then schedule your selected contractor to be at the adjuster's inspection.
The Art Of The Claim: How Does The Payment Process Work For A Hail Claim? Payments from the insurance company should be made directly to the homeowner. Be wary of contractors that are co-named on the check, but don't be alarmed if your public adjuster or mortgage company is co-named.
The Art Of The Claim: How Experienced Is The Contractor? Roofing can be something of a seasonal job. When storms hit, even the most reputable contracting companies are rushing to hire to scale. Make sure that you don't get sucked into limited deals, like a free shingle upgrade, and have ...
The Art Of The Claim: How Experienced Is The Insurance Adjuster? Often, you see insurance adjusters that don't have the expertise for the various elements of your home that were affected by hail damage. Low payments are more commonly due to lack of experience than malfeasance.
The Art Of The Claim: Homeowners With No Help On A Claim Are Outnumbered Your insurance company has extensive resources. You want to ensure that you have trusted expertise on your side that can vouch for the information provided by your insurance company because, often, you just don't know what you don't know.
The Art Of The Claim: Should I Get Three Bids? - A Public Adjuster's Answer Often, insurance agencies will recommend getting three bids before selecting a contractor. For the traditional residential claim, that's not necessary.
The Art Of The Claim: Can My Insurance Tell Me What Contractor To Use? As a homeowner, you have the right to select your contractor. Constantine recommends connecting with a contractor before a storm even hits so that you can avoid the chaos of fly-by-night contractors offering deals that can be overwhelming.
The Art Of The Claim: Can I Make Money Off A Claim? - A Public... Steve and Constantine discuss the process of getting an insurance payment. Actual cash value can be used at the homeowner's desire, however, that can open you up to serious risk or even being dropped by your insurance agency because you ...
The Art Of The Claim: Are Premiums Going To Rise Due To Damage? Insurance premiums are going up. Steve discusses what the actual causes of increased premiums are and it's not what everyone assumes.
The Art Of The Claim: Examples of the Appraisal Process From Industry Experts Contractor, Constantine Anest, and appraiser, Steve Zeigler, discuss the process of an appraisal and what happens with an insurance adjuster versus a contractor. Steve and Constantine analyze an appraisal and discuss the differences in the line items from a claim ...
The Art Of The Claim: Interview With Insurance Representative Learn more about the hail damage claims process from Insurance Broker, Mike Kalen, in our Homeowner's Education web series, The Art Of The Claim.
The Art Of The Claim: How Do I Find The Right Insurance Agent? Investigate the resume of the insurance agent you are considering to find someone who has the experience necessary for you to trust.
The Art Of The Claim: Do I Really Need Three Bids? An Insurance Rep Answers In today's day and age, the cost of a hail claim remains pretty consistent, so you don't really need to get more than one bid once you've found a roofing company with a good reputation that you trust.
The Art Of The Claim: Can I Make Money Off A Claim? An Insurance Rep... In short, no. If a claim is over-adjusted, the expectation is that the money will be returned to the agency.
The Art Of The Claim: Can I Have A General Contractor Handle Everything? Most premiums include the overhead and profit necessary for hiring a general contractor so that homeowners can get damage taken care of.
The Art Of The Claim: Am I Required To Do All The Work On My... Once a homeowner receives the check for the Actual Cash Value, it is their responsibility to employ a contractor and get the work done. Should you choose not to get the work done, you will not only not be able ...