Ethos FAQ: Waive My Deductible
If a roofing and restoration contractor offers to waive your deductible, continue your search. Waiving the deductible is illegal, and should not be offered.
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Ethos: FAQ Getting 3 Bids
Find a reputable contractor that makes you comfortable! You have the final say.
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Ethos FAQ: Scope of Work
Documenting and justifying a legitimate scope of work is extremely important and can dictate how your claim is settled. An experienced storm restoration contractor can review the scope and address any missing items.
Ethos FAQ: What to Do After a Storm
Did your home experience damage from a recent storm? Your first step should be to call an experienced storm restoration contractor come out and assess the whole property. If all the proper steps are followed, the chances of a favorable Read More
FAQ Waiving My Deductible
If a contractor is willing to cut out a portion of the work, they're probably cutting corners.
General Contractor vs Roofer
A roof only contractor won't assess all of the damage done other than the roof.
We have experience assessing all of the damage to the property and the necessary trade crew to fix the problems.
When Was Your Last Roof Inspection?
At Ethos, we are your trusted, local roofing contractor in Denver, Colorado. We offer FREE roof inspections to anyone who requests one! Our highly experienced roofing professionals will provide a thorough inspection of your property and provide you with an Read More
FAQ: Scope of work
By having a proper scope of work, you are ultimately saving yourself from having any "gotcha" costs at the end of the project. With a full detailed assessment of the scope of work, you will be able to maximize your Read More
FAQ: Impact Resistant Shingles
Some insurance companies offer discounts if you install impact resistant shingles, but is the upgrade cost worth the discount they are offering?
FAQ: Claim Process
After our inspection, we put together all of our notes and photos from the assessment and build a report to present to the insurance company. We make sure that everything is settled properly before the project begins. Read More
FAQ: What To Do After A Storm
First things first after a storm, make sure you are safe. From there, contact a reputable contractor to come assess the damages. Then, contact your insurance company to file a claim.
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FAQ: Scope of Work for Your Roof
Conducting a proper scope of work is extremely important, so we can have all the necessary information when presenting which repairs are needed to the insurance company.
What Does A Roof Inspection Look Like?
We do a full roof assessment to identify damage and code items. Then we do a full assessment of the exterior, and depending if there is any damage there, we'll take a look at the inside.
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Choosing Your Roofer
You don't have to use the roofing company recommended by your insurance company. You can choose whichever company makes you comfortable and you trust.
FAQ: Getting 3 bids
Getting 3 bids for your insurance company is unnecessary. In an insurance restoration situation, the homeowner has completely authority to choose the contractor they want to work with.
Wind Damage Inspection: Workmanship Issues
When we do our inspection, we check for workmanship issues or any flashing issues that need to be addressed.
If you have recently experienced hail, wind, or water damage to your home, reach out to us for a free roofing Read More
Tile Roof Installation
This homeowner said he had a small leak. We came to take a look and found hail damage, and received over 6 figures from his insurance company to repair and replace this roof. One of the benefits of having a Read More
Ethos Roofing and Restoration: Centennial Testimonial
We helped this customer get more money back from his insurance company by finding more damage to his roof that his insurance company missed.
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Wind Damage Inspection: Damage to Shingles
Often times, wind storms result in loss or significant damage to shingles on your roof. If you don't see it from the ground or aren't sure what you're looking for exactly, it is possible that the next time a storm Read More
Wind Damage: Inspection Process
If you suspect your roof has been damaged, it is best to have someone come take a look.
The first thing we do is take care of any water intrusion coming from the roof. We tarp the areas then assess Read More
FAQ: Insurance Checks for Your Home Project
The first check from your insurance company, is not the final offer. You don't want to commence any work until you have an agreement with your insurance company, here's why:
Do You Have to Select Your Roofer Based on Insurance Recommendation?
You don't have to use the roofer recommended by your insurance company. It is best to make your selection by reputation, so you can maximize your insurance claim.
Installing a GAF Timberline Roof
We are a master elite certified contractor. Through that certification, we are able to offer certain warranties, some up to 25 years.
We're walking you through a proper roof install and going through the necessary steps, so you have an Read More
Ethos FAQ: Why You Should Hire a General Contractor
When you file an insurance claim, you're entering into negotiation with your insurance company. Working with a general contracting company can significantly help you through that process.
Ethos FAQ: Impact Resistant Shingles
Are impact resistant shingles worth the upgrade cost? We're breaking it down for you.
Ethos Roofing: Meet The Owner
Are you dealing with a roofing issue or storm damage to your property? We are fully equipped with the resources to handle those issues for you. Contact us today to speak to a representative.
Ethos Testimonial
Check out what our client had to say about the damage we found on his house and how we helped him receive more money from his insurance company. Thank you for choosing Ethos!
What Should You Do After A Storm?
A storm can do a lot of damage to a home. There are a few steps that should be taken before filing any claims.
Waiving The Deductible
Waiving your deductible is something that you don't want to do. It's a crime, and a big red flag. Here's why.
Selecting The Right Contractor
How do you select the right contractor? There are certain things to look, avoid, and the right questions to ask.