What Separates the Top Roofers in Mobile, AL From the Others

Wednesday, 22 December 2021 13:53

Every roof inevitably becomes damaged. Whether it's from a recent storm or gradual wear-n-tear, your roof will eventually need some TLC. And since there are so many roofing companies in Mobile Bay, you shouldn't settle for anything less than the best. It's best to seek out the top roofers in Mobile, AL for your roofing project.

But how can you find the best roofers near you? What exactly separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the roofing industry? Don't worry: we've rounded up the top characteristics and qualities that are commonly shared by leading roofing companies.

3 Signs You've Found the Top Roofers in Mobile, AL

Whether you need a full roof replacement or a few storm damage repairs, it's important to carefully research your options. After all, your roof is a big investment and you don't want to have to pay extra for rework later down the line.

When beginning your search, look for roofing companies that:

  • Have decades of roofing experience
  • Hold the proper license and insurance policies (i.e., workman's comp and general liability)
  • Follow ethical and honest business practices
  • Offer a vast array of high-quality roofing products and materials
  • Can provide educational insights on the roof insurance claims process
  • And maintain an exceptional reputation

This checklist is a good starting point for your research phase and can help you identify a handful of reliable roofing companies in Mobile, AL.

That said, be sure to keep the following criteria in mind when evaluating the companies on your shortlist. The following qualities and characteristics are signs you've found some of the best roofers in Mobile, AL.

Special Manufacturer Certifications and Services

Take note of any roofing experts that hold special designations from shingle manufacturers. Why? Because these certifications are often exclusive, difficult to obtain and signify high-quality roofing services.

For example, Ethos has acquired the Master Elite Contractor certification from GAF, an industry-leading manufacturer of top-tier roofing products and materials. Only 2% of all roofers in North America hold this certification, which must be renewed annually. This status means our roofing specialists:

  • Are properly insured and licensed
  • Maintain good standing with the BBB and good credit ratings
  • Receive ongoing training and certification from GAF on industry best practices and innovative roofing systems
  • Can offer unmatched roofing warranties to keep your home and wallet protected
  • Can provide superior protection for your home with the GAF Lifetime Roofing System

In addition, you'll want to check what other kinds of roofing systems and services a business can offer you. The Mobile Bay area sees plenty of torrential storms throughout the year, so it pays off to have a high-quality roofing system installed by professionals.

At Ethos, we can leverage the power of a FORTIFIED Home roof system for you. Few systems can match the protective qualities of a FORTIFIED roof. It is designed to withstand high winds, hurricanes, hailstorms, tornadoes, and more. Other leading roofers in Mobile, AL will leverage similar products.

Plenty of Trusted References at the Ready

We've said it before and we'll say it again: a roofing company is only as good as the quality of their work.

Customer reviews and testimonials on sites like Google can provide insight into the quality of a contractor's work. However, we recommend that you ask each roofer on your shortlist for a few references. This way you can directly interact with a few former customers and learn more about the company's dependability, character, and professionalism.

The best roofing contractors will provide several references without hesitation. If they can't pull out a few names to call, it might be best to continue your search elsewhere.

Locally-Based in Mobile, AL

When a roofing business comes knocking on your door after your roof has incurred some damage, it may sound like a dream come true. Those company reps may offer limited-time discounts, quick repairs, and other amazing benefits. However, you'll want to be cautious of these "storm chasers."

"Storm chasers" are roofing contractors who follow storms from one town to the next in hopes of completing quick repair jobs (Long Home Products). Unfortunately, storm chaser contractors are an unreliable choice for your roofing project because:

  • They will do the bare minimum to repair your roof
  • They leverage the cheapest materials
  • They may lack proper licensing and insurance to work on roofs in your area
  • They often demand payment upfront
  • Their work may void warranties on your roof
  • And once the work is done, they'll leave town and you won't be able to contact them for follow-up work

It's best to steer clear of storm chaser contractors and other roofers who solicit business door-to-door. Instead, you should opt for local roofers.

It's always a better idea to support local businesses anyway for several reasons (ILSR). Just to name a few:

  • By supporting a local business, you'll put your money back into the local community.
  • Local businesses are driven by their reputations, so you can expect high-quality work and great customer service from many local companies.
  • Local roofers are more knowledgeable of local building codes, weather patterns, and more.
  • Supporting local businesses almost always leads to greater innovation and lower prices thanks to local competition.

Do yourself and your community a favor by hiring local roofers over national chains.

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