Keep Your Roof Protected With GACO Roof Coating In Denver and Fort Collins

Over time, your roof will gradually deteriorate due to the changing weather patterns of Colorado. Blizzards, hailstorms, and bright sunny days alike will all take a toll on your roof’s integrity. But rather than wait for the cracks and leaks to show up on your roof, you can be proactive and prevent them now with a seamless and smooth silicone roof coating in Denver. Whether it's applied to a residential or commercial roof, this coating restoration can save you time and money and help you avoid the aggravation of re-roofing your entire building. And there’s no better place to turn for your roof coating than Ethos.

What Is Roof Coating?

A silicone roof coating is essentially what it sounds like: a layer of silicone that is either rolled or sprayed onto an active roof system to repair cracks, blisters, and seams. This seamless and smooth layer of coating offers an extra level of protection from the elements, so your roof can withstand ultraviolet light, severe weather, and ponding water.

How Does The Coating Work?

A roof coating does not require any roof deck alterations or major structural modifications. It’s just a simple application of a silicone coating to an existing roof system! The coating can be easily applied to your commercial property's roof either by spraying or rolling it over the surface.

Silicone roof coatings have been intensively researched and developed over the years to be waterproof, reflective, non-chalking, and environmentally friendly. These advantages come from the durable and tight bonds of the elements in the cured material.

The Benefits Of A Coated Roof

Roof coatings are the fastest-growing segment of the commercial roofing industry! By choosing to coat your roof with a silicone system, you stand to gain a wealth of benefits.

You will obviously save money through this process since a roof coating is less expensive than tearing off and replacing your roof. However, you will also benefit from many other advantages including:

  • Additional tax benefits and rebates as the building owner (e.g., full tax write-off in 1st year of installation, energy rebates for installing a cool roof, etc.)
  • Saving money on energy bills thanks to the reflective nature of the coating
  • Minimal disruption to your daily routine, thanks to a quick process that requires no tear-offs
  • Outstanding warranty offers to keep your roof and your wallet protected for years to come
  • And an extended lifespan for your roof

We can’t forget to mention the fact that your new commercial roof coating in Denver will be a more eco-friendly option for your roof restorations. Roofing materials are one of the top 5 materials found in landfills, and a new roof coating creates minimal waste so you won’t be contributing to that growing mess in the landfill.

The GACO Advantage

At Ethos Roofing & Restoration, our roof experts utilize the superior silicone roof coatings of GACO, a nationally recognized leader in innovative silicone roofing systems. Originally founded in 1955, GACO was the 1st company to market high-solid silicone products. Today, the company offers a diverse line-up of exceptional roof coating systems for commercial real estate and residential properties that provide a proven and guaranteed solution for renewing your weathered roof.

These coats can be applied to roofs of all shapes, sizes, and slopes, and the coatings are compatible with just about any pre-existing materials on your roof. Their exceptional silicone commercial roof coatings are backed up by 10-, 15-, and even 20-year labor and material warranties, so you can keep your roof well-preserved for decades while simultaneously saving money in the long-run.

With your own permanent and seamless silicon membrane installed on your roof, you can rest easy knowing it is effectively protected from the harsh weather of Colorado.

Request A Quote For Your Commercial Roof Coating In Denver

Many other contractors do not offer coatings as an option for property owners with flat roofs. That’s not the case at Ethos Roofing & Restoration. After a cursory inspection of your commercial property, our roofing experts will be able to determine whether your roof qualifies for a coating or not and we will give you expert recommendations on which GACO products to use. We will efficiently coat the roof of your building in no time, all for a highly affordable cost.

Contact Ethos today to schedule your commercial roof inspection to see if it qualifies for a GACO roof coating in Denver.