The Pricing Process For Roofing Estimates in Denver

When it comes to storm damage, many homeowners have misconceptions about how the costs of the repairs are determined by their insurance company. How exactly does your insurance provider land on a specific price point for your repairs? What factors weigh into the pricing of home insurance claims? It is not always easy to understand the pricing behind roof repairs and roofing estimates in Denver, but we’re here to help clarify those pricing methods for you.

The first thing you need to remember is that your out of pocket repair costs are fixed at your deductible, plus any upgrades and any policy exclusions. For that reason, it is a good idea to check with your agent for any exclusions you need to be aware of that you may be liable for in the event of a claim. Upgrades are considered to be anything beyond the insurance scope that you want done during your repairs, such as installing higher quality shingles than you had before, using a higher quality paint, or replacing all of your windows when only a handful were damaged.

So if your out of pocket costs are the same regardless of the claim amount, you need to ask yourself a serious question: Would you rather just get your roof fixed and move on or do you want to make sure all legitimate damage on your property is addressed and repaired? Only you can answer that question.

At Ethos, we have offered support for homeowners through their storm restorations since our company’s inception in 2006. Throughout our careers, we have become intimately familiar with all the minute details and crucial factors that weigh into the pricing of storm damage repairs. Since homeowner education is one of our top priorities, we wanted to share our knowledge on this important topic with you.

When Should I File An Insurance Claim?

After a storm you should call a trusted contractor out to your property to assess the damage and determine if it makes sense to file a claim with your provider. If you notice hail dents on your vehicles, tree leaves on the ground, impacts on your mailbox, or hail hits on your fence, there is a strong chance your property has suffered roof storm damage.

A trusted and experienced contractor should be able to educate you on the process and what your next steps should be, based on an honest opinion of whether or not your property has storm damage. Your roofing contractor should also listen to your concerns and goals for the repairs of your home and make sure everything is taken into consideration.

Insurance Claims

If your property has sustained legitimate storm damage, you will need to file an insurance claim with your carrier. This is a unique process that is unlike the typical bid process for home repairs. As a general rule of thumb for roof insurance claims, the more documentation you can provide, the stronger your claim will become.

Our experienced storm damage inspectors will provide a free property inspection to evaluate the full extent of your property damage and put together a detailed photo report. With a comprehensive scope of work ready to present to your insurance company, you’ll have a stronger claim to help cover the costs of your home repair.

How Your Property Repair Costs Are Determined

The costs of your home repairs are typically calculated by your insurance adjuster following their inspection of your property. They will prepare an initial estimate for the total scope of your needed repairs by using a pricing software called Xactimate. The pricing models are set in place in this software and they change monthly based on the supply and demand of the market. In order to get the most accurate pricing estimate possible, it is very important that all components of the entire scope of the repairs are included in the estimate.

Just remember to keep in mind that the number that Xactimate delivers is an initial offer to settle your claim and it is not set in stone. If there are legitimate items missing in your estimate, an experienced contractor can help get those missing items in the scope of damage addressed. Our goal is to make sure all of your property damage is addressed and that all necessary components are included for successful comprehensive repairs.

At Ethos, our contractors use the Xactimate pricing software as well for our roofing estimates in Denver. This software helps us ensure that our line item pricing is the same as most insurance carriers. By leveraging the powerful software of Xactimate, we can address any additional legitimate items in our estimate more efficiently.

Final Pricing Considerations

If you want to fully restore your property to its pre-storm condition, then you must work with a contractor who can address the entire scope of your property damage and not just the roof. Many roofing contractors can overlook certain types of property damage because they are either solely concerned with addressing your roof or because that additional damage adds complexity to your claim that they may not be equipped to handle. This leaves you with the obligation to hire other contractors to repair your overlooked property damage.

In order to get all your property damage addressed and repaired, you’ll need to work with a contractor who will thoroughly discuss all the discovered damage with your insurance company and has the ability to repair the entire scope. At Ethos, that is exactly what we do.

Get Accurate Costs On Roofing Estimates in Denver

Our contractors at Ethos are extremely well versed in property repairs and we are adept at providing accurate roofing estimates in Denver. We are more than thoroughly prepared to deal with all the common headaches that storm damage can present. We have provided expert education and insights to support many homeowners through their storm restoration process. By leveraging our well-trained eyes, we have helped homeowners get all legitimate property damage addressed with their insurance companies.

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