Very professional company, worked very hard to get us the roof we needed. Evan was extremely professional and helpful. Handled the insurance issues as well. Would use again and recommend to others for having hail damage fixed.

- Michael Porter

Constantine was very easy to work with, fast and honest. I called to have a roof inspected on a potential home purchase. He was able to inspect the roof promptly and provided excellent information and advice that helped prevent me from potential making a very costly decision.

- Grant Boney

Good team to work with. There were a few moments where communication on the process could've been more thorough, but they took care of everything for us, did a great job on our roof, and were quick to respond!

- Joshua Collier

After going through two different contractors, Ethos came out and did a fantastic job. Nick communicated with me through the whole process and even got more damaged covered than insurance first offered. I had a great experience dealing with Ethos.

- Mykel Brawley

Ethos General Contractors inspected my home after a hail storm and completed repairs from start to finish including finding hidden damages and dealing with the insurance company. They were extremely professional and did a thorough job with very little effort on my part.

- Ronald Slosson

Ethos helped us tremendously with work that needed to be done on our home following the hail storm in September 2014, which damaged windows, the roof, exterior paint on the house, the air conditioning unit, etc. When our insurance company balked, Ethos helped battle them, and the insurance company eventually paid and the work was completed. Ethos was great!

- Tom Riffel

Our business property suffered damage from a hail storm in summer of 2014. Nick at Ethos worked with us and our insurance company to get everything fixed. It took a long time, due to a number of complications, but Nick and his team were persistent in following through to get everything done. There were headaches for all of us, but Ethos handled things professionally and got things done. Nick has also followed up immediately when we have had warranty issues since the initial work.

- Lou Anne Yee

I was pretty much done with getting estimates for my hail damaged roof in mid-2016 and after 3 estimates had already made up my mind to go with a local company that seemed reliable and competent. My 4th and last estimate was Nick Anest of Ethos, and I almost cancelled but then decided to let him do his thing and then move on. For me this was such a hassle as I had just had the same roof replaced 3 years earlier due to hail damage. It was a time consuming PITA problem with no upside that I wanted to be gone.

Nick was up on my roof for a while and when he came down he showed me pictures he had taken of certain parts on the roof and pointed out deficiencies in my last roof install from 3 years earlier. Hmmm, no one else had done that. I told him I had a ventilation problem as the builder had not actually put in attic vents in the eaves, just vent covers. Yeah, somebody took a shortcut and this was not resolved in my previous reroofing as they really didn’t know how to handle it. Nick then went on to show me a new passive venting system that would resolve that problem at a nominal cost. He also said I could have my attic reinsulated for a very reasonable cost, since when they were up there they could do that right from the outside by taking a plywood sheet off and blowing in new insulation. Wow, my time-consuming hassle just turned into an opportunity. In short, he blew me away with his attention to detail and product systems knowledge. This guy wasn't just phoning it in, and it wasn't just a "Trust Me" deal, he knew more than any of the other roofers I had talked to and really solved my roof and insulation problems. Yes, it was messy and noisy as all roofing is but in the end I got a new properly ventilated hail resistant roof and a reinsulated attic for a very reasonable cost.

Most of the time I take on home repairs myself as I have found that the cost, trouble, and poor workmanship of hired contractors usually leaves me dissatisfied. Nick Anest and Ethos are a rare bright spot in this business. They answer questions promptly on email and text and follow up. And he didn’t drop me and addressed all my issues and questions even after the job was done, resolving them to my satisfaction. I have no reservations in recommending them as a good and honest business that does what they say they will. And no, I am not some shill reviewer, this all really happened at my home in Highlands Ranch, CO.

- Bill Henning