Why DIY is a Bad Idea for Roof Repair in Denver

Monday, 04 April 2022 12:17

An increasing number of homeowners across the U.S. are embracing the do-it-yourself, or DIY, trend. In fact, DIY trend statistics show a 4.2% rise in various home improvement projects in 2022 (Comfy Living). However, when it comes to roof repair in Denver, DIY is never a good idea.

It's true that doing the repairs on your own can help save some cash in the short term. But there are just too many downsides to the DIY approach to roofing repairs. Today we'll outline why it's best to hire professionals for any roofing project.

3 Reasons to Hire Pros for Your Roof Repair in Denver

You might be able to manage a few minor shingle repairs, but we urge you to fight your DIY instinct. Hire roofing specialists to handle the work for you instead.

1. Greater Chance of Injury

Roofing can be a dangerous profession. It doesn't matter if your home is one, two, or three stories; a fall from any height can lead to injuries like broken bones, bruises, or lacerations (Home Advisor).

The average homeowner is simply not trained to work on roofs. Even if you have years of DIY experience, you can still slip and fall while climbing your ladder. And treating any resulting injuries will take a great deal of time and money, which counteracts the money you would have "saved" as a DIYer.

There's simply no good reason to risk injury on this type of project. Save yourself some pain and hire roofing contractors in Denver for your repairs.

2. Roof Damage Isn't Always Superficial

Some types of roof damage, like hail damage or wind damage, can be easily identified on your shingles. However, your roof is a complex system that's comprised of multiple layers and materials. A superficial puncture can lead to extensive internal damage.

For instance, let's assume a few of your roofing shingles were damaged last year. Over time, stormwater will find its way through those open punctures and permeate the underlying structure. This may lead to internal roof leaks and water damage which can compromise your roofing system and lead to further internal problems in your home.

Even if you manage to fix those damaged shingles, the internal damage may already be done. And you can't DIY the entire roof of your home.

Only certified Denver roofing contractors can properly identify all instances of roof damage and correct them with repairs.

3. DIY Work May Void Work Warranties

Shingle manufacturers and roofers often offer warranties on their products and installations. Those warranties can help save you tons of cash down the line when you need to schedule a roof replacement.

Unfortunately, roofing warranties come with plenty of fine print and strict guidelines for installing the roofing materials and maintaining your roof. If you deviate from those guidelines and rules, then your warranties may become void.

Most often, roof warranties require products to be installed in a specific way by a certified roofing professional. It should come as no surprise that DIY roofing repair is not covered by your warranties. That means you'll be stuck footing the entire bill when the time comes to replace your roof.

Save yourself some future frustration by seeking professional roofing services for your repairs.

Get High-Quality Roof Repair in Denver with Ethos

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