6 Signs Your Home Needs Castle Rock Roof Repair Services

Thursday, 25 February 2021 11:34

Unfortunately, your roof is not invincible. It can endure all kinds of weather throughout its lifespan, but it won't stay in perfect condition forever. Snow, wind, hail, and even direct sunlight can gradually wear down your roofing system and eventually damage it. When that happens, you'll need to seek out Castle Rock roof repair services. But how do you determine the full extent of the damage? And how will you know when it's the right time to contact a reputable Castle Rock roofing contractor?

We're here to provide some clarity to those questions. Homeowner education is one of our top priorities at Ethos, so we're always happy to share free information to benefit Colorado homeowners just like you.

How To Tell It's Time To Call A Castle Rock Roof Repair Contractor

As a homeowner, you will only be able to spot some of the more obvious signs of roof damage, and not the more pervasive and elusive ones. If you notice any of the following 6 warning signs, contact your trusted roofing contractor to schedule a more intensive inspection of your property.

1. Your Roof Is Over 20 Years Old

Believe it or not, every piece of your property has a predicted life expectancy. From your bathroom cabinets and exhaust fans to your flooring and air conditioning system, everything in your home will only last so long. And that goes for your roofing system too.

The most common roofing material, asphalt shingles, has a general life expectancy of roughly 20 years (NACHI). Other materials, such as metal panels or tile shingles, can last for longer periods (40 and 100+ years respectively). So, if your current roof was installed or replaced around 20 years ago, it might be nearing the end of its lifespan. However, a few repairs could add a few more years to it.

2. Missing, Broken, Or Warped Shingles

Your roofing shingles are quite literally your home's first line of defense against the Colorado elements. When your shingles become dysfunctional, your home may become more vulnerable to further damage. That's why you need to keep an eye on your shingles from time to time.

It is generally recommended that homeowners inspect their roofs at least twice a year (in the fall and the spring). This will help you keep an eye out for troubling signs of damage or areas of concern. During those amateur inspections, be sure to look closely at your shingles. Be on the lookout for:

  • Missing or loose shingles
  • Broken, cracked, or dented shingles
  • Shingles with curling corners or edges
  • Shingles that are missing granules

Those kinds of damaged shingles are a key sign of critical roofing damage.

3. Damaged Flashing

During those inspections, don't forget to look at your roof flashing! You'll find metal pieces of flashing installed around any openings on your roof's surface (e.g., chimneys, vents, pipes, etc.). These strips of metal are there to prevent water from sneaking into your roof. Needless to say, they play an important role in your roofing system.

Check for any pieces of flashing that may be dented, warped, or loose. Rusted flashing is less common to find, but it is nevertheless an important sign of damage to look for. If your flashing is damaged, contact your Castle Rock roofing contractor to book your in-depth roofing inspection.

4. Water Stains Inside Of Your Home

Water stains on your ceilings or walls can form for a variety of reasons, whether that's from plumbing issues or a young toddler overflowing a bathroom sink upstairs. However, the main culprit behind those water stains may actually be your roof.

Small cracks, holes, or even improperly installed roofing can allow water to find its way into your home. Over time, that water damage will become increasingly pervasive and spread to other areas of your home. This can lead to some significant repair and restoration expenses. And let's not forget how it can also contribute to the development of mold growths in your home.

So, if you spot any water stains in your home, it may be time to repair your roof.

5. Algae Or Moss Growths

Have you noticed any greenery pop up on your roof? If so, you should contact your trusted roofer as soon as possible. Algae or moss growths are never a good thing for your roof because they can lead to even further property damage. Moss on your shingles can be especially harmful as it will trap moisture, which will cause water damage and contribute to the spread of mossy growths.

If you spot any green growing on your roofing system, you'll need Castle Rock roof repair services.

6. Sagging Roof Deck

Yes, your roof may be slanted or sloped to facilitate the runoff of rain and snow-water. However, those pitches and slopes should be in fairly straight lines. Any sagging areas in your roof deck are big red flags as they may represent more significant problems underneath the surface! A sagging roof may indicate a leaky roofing system, but it may also be the result of a compromised roof structure.

Hopefully, your sagging roof deck can be fixed with some quick repairs. It is possible, though, that your roof may require more in-depth restorations.

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