Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Roofing Contractors in Windsor

Monday, 23 March 2020 10:29

When your roof is in need of repairs, you might scramble to fix it quickly. After all, you wouldn’t want the damages to worsen in the hectic weather of the Windsor area. That doesn’t mean you have to act impulsively though! An impulsive decision could solve your problem quickly, but there might be more negative consequences down the line. As a homeowner, there are many mistakes that you can make when you’re hiring roofing contractors in Windsor, especially when you act too fast. If you want to maximize the value of your roofers for your home, then you need to avoid those common errors.

It's pays off later to know what you need to look for now. Let’s examine a few of the most common mistakes that homeowners will make when hiring local roofers and how you can best avoid them.

Mistake #1: Working With An Unlicensed Contractor

It may surprise you to learn that this mistake is more common than you might think. Many homeowners will decide to steer clear of professional roofing companies to cut costs. Instead, those homeowners may opt to work with a handyman or an unlicensed Craigslist “roofer” to address their roofing issues. If you walk down that path, you risk opening a can of worms.

In Colorado, roofing contractors must be licensed on the city and county levels. Those licenses verify that a roofer has undergone the necessary training and passed several local government tests. A roofing license is basically proof that a contractor is in good standing within the Windsor area. That license verifies that a roofing contractor is knowledgeable of local building codes and that they will stay in compliance with those codes.

A roofing contractor’s license basically proves that they are serious about their roofing business. They will strive to be in compliance with local regulations at every turn. You cannot guarantee those same things with unlicensed contractors.

An unlicensed roofing contractor will have no motivation to stay in compliance with those local building codes. In addition, roofing contractors cannot legally practice their line of work without a license. Before you ignore the licensing requirement, consider what will happen if you need to file a complaint or dispute with regulatory agencies. It’s highly likely that you won’t have much luck with that process if you use an unlicensed contractor.

Before you contact any Windsor roofing contractors, make sure they are licensed first! It may just be a small slip of paper, but it makes an enormous difference.

Mistake #2: Working With An Uninsured Roofing Company

A lack of insurance is a recipe for disaster, especially when it comes to roofing projects.

Reputable roofing companies must have general liability insurance policies in place. Those kinds of insurance policies help protect your property and protect you as a homeowner. Without those policies, your financial risk is greatly amplified.

As a general rule of thumb, you should never ever work with uninsured roofing contractors in Windsor.

You can’t predict the future. Even if you work with professional roofers, plenty of things can happen during your roof repairs. One of the roofers could miss a step on the ladder and fall. A piece of roofing equipment could be blown off the roof and damage a window on your property. If you hired uninsured roofing contractors, then you could be held liable to cover those costs.

Insurance may not feel like a big priority for you right now, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can avoid this worst-case scenario by verifying your roofer’s insurance before any inspection is performed.

Mistake #3: Going With The Cheapest Estimate

Let’s face facts: Roof repairs and roof replacements are not cheap. From the building materials to the labor costs, roofing projects can become expensive quickly. Insurance claims will not always cover your roofing expense. Like many other homeowners, you might be trying to save money at every turn. A lower-cost is always nice, but you aren’t purchasing the generic brand from the grocery store here. When it comes to roofing contractors in Windsor, you’re paying for the quality of your roof.

You can almost guarantee that a cheaper roofing estimate will result in lower-quality materials and worse craftsmanship. If you go with the cheaper option, you’ll most likely need to get your roof repaired again within just a few years. It would be wise to avoid those cheaper roofing contractors. We’d recommend that you get a few estimates from a few different contractors to gauge the average price.

How To Avoid These Common Mistakes

It is surprisingly easy to avoid these kinds of errors when looking for reputable roofers. As a homeowner, all you really need to do is take care of a few important tasks on your end. We’d recommend that you:

  • Conduct thorough research before making any calls. Narrow down your selection for roofing contractors in Windsor with some in-depth research up-front. Read through the online reviews and customer testimonials of various roofers to get a sense of their quality of work. You should also check out their online profiles on the BBB and on other platforms.
  • Schedule roofing inspections with a few different contractors. You will never get an accurate estimate over the phone. You’ll only get reliable and trust-worthy estimates from in-person inspections. Once your selection has been narrowed, contact your remaining choices for those inspections. Then collect various estimates to help narrow your decision even further.
  • Ask questions. Use those free roofing inspections as opportunities to ask critical and insightful questions. Those in-person Q&As can provide insights into the experience, licensing, and overall quality of various roofing contractors.

Stick with our advice and you’ll find the right roofing contractors for your project in no time.

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