4 Tips For Filing Roofing Insurance Claims In Littleton, CO

Friday, 14 May 2021 12:11

If your roof has been damaged by a recent storm, your homeowner's insurance policy may help cover the costs of your restorations. All you'll need to do is file a claim with your provider! However, the process isn't always easy and streamlined. To help you submit roofing insurance claims in Littleton, CO, we've rounded up some insightful tips just for you.

Our roofers at Ethos have spent decades in the roofing industry. Thanks to that experience, we have a solid understanding of all the ins and outs of the roof insurance claim process. And today, we're here to share our expertise with you.

What To Know About Roofing Insurance Claims In Littleton, CO

These 4 tips can help strengthen your insurance claim, expedite the process, and save you tons of money on your roofing project.

1. Document The Damage Thoroughly

To help give your claim the best possible chance of being approved, you need to provide documentation of the damage. One or two photos of the damage won't cut it.

Instead, take as many pictures of your roof damage as you possibly can. If possible, take photos of what caused the damage too, such as a fallen tree or branch. Those photos can help strengthen the legitimacy of your claim.

If you request a roofing inspection from your trusted contractor, ask them to document the damage for you as well. They'll have a keen eye for detail when it comes to roof damage, so they'll be able to document all instances of storm damage on your roof.

In an ideal situation, your claim would include photos of your roof both before and after the storm damage. Those time-stamped materials will support your case and show that you've been maintaining your roof.

2. Save Receipts For Repairs

Time is of the essence with your insurance claim, and unfortunately, time isn't always on your side. Once you file your claim, you'll need to schedule an inspection with the insurance company's adjuster. However, the timing of their inspection may not be ideal.

If the adjuster can't visit your property tomorrow or the next day, you'll likely need to temporarily secure your roof to prevent further damage. Assuming you have to pursue this route, remember to save all of your receipts for those temporary fixes (and to take photos of the damage beforehand)!

These repairs don't need to be drastic though. Just take reasonable steps to protect your property from further damage.

You may then submit the receipts for those temporary repairs to your insurance company for reimbursement. Just remember that any payments for temporary repairs will be part of the total settlement (Insurance Information Institute).

3. Don't Give Up If You're Denied!

Even if you file TONS of documentation with your claim, there's still a chance that your claim can be denied. Roofing insurance claims can get rejected for many reasons; for instance, the adjuster might determine that you've been negligent in your roof maintenance or the condition of your roof was already in disrepair before your claim.

Regardless of the reasoning, don't get discouraged if your claim is denied! You may still be able to get your claim approved by appealing the decision and disputing the denial (Value Penguin). Just follow these steps:

  • Review the claim denial letter - The insurance adjuster may have made a mistake, so be sure to compare their letter against your actual policy.
  • Contact the adjuster if you discover an error - Be sure to only discuss the points of your claim that were rejected and to provide all documentation related to your claim.
  • Hire a public claims adjuster - Public adjusters can appeal the decision with your insurance company to dispute the claim.
  • Request a re-inspection - If you feel some damage was overlooked, you can request a re-inspection. Your insurer will then send out a different adjuster (and maybe even a supervisor).
  • Hire a denied insurance claim attorney - This would be your last-ditch effort to get your claim approved.

If you've exhausted all of your options and your claim is still denied, it'll be up to you to cover the costs of your roofing project. Fortunately, some reputable roofers will have financing options available for you to use. Remember to ask your roofers about those financing options.

4. Select A Reputable Roofer With Insurance Experience

Your insurer will likely provide you with a referral list of roofing contractors to get your roof repaired after you file your claim. However, you are not obligated to use the contractors on that list! While you should double-check the details of your policy, it is generally acceptable to hire whichever roofer you want.

Just be sure that you work with a reputable roofer who has insurance experience. Take some time to vet roofing contractors near you. Read through customer reviews and be sure to compare estimates from multiple providers.

Don't forget to check on their experience with insurance claims. Can they provide thorough documentation to back up your claim? Will they be able to offer you education on roofing insurance claims? That insurance expertise can be invaluable for your claim.

Get Educated On Roofing Insurance Claims In Littleton, CO

At Ethos Roofing & Restoration, our storm damage contractors are intimately familiar with every step of the insurance claims process. We can offer education on roofing insurance claims to help strengthen your claim and improve its chances of being approved. From there, we can help restore your home with exceptional roof repair and roof replacement services.

Contact Ethos today to schedule your FREE roofing inspection and get educational resources on roofing insurance claims in Littleton, CO.