Support For Storm Damage Restoration Process In Denver

Are you dreading the thought of dealing with the storm restoration process? Understanding the process of storm and hail damage insurance claims in Denver and the surrounding areas can be quite the hassle. If not handled properly, you may end up paying thousands of unnecessary dollars. Ethos General Contractors prides itself on providing not only high-quality hail damage repair and home improvement services but also expert support for the entire storm restoration process. With the right guidance, the roof repair and restoration process can be worry-free.

The Storm Damage Repair Process

When a storm rolls through Denver or the surrounding areas, the roofing specialists at Ethos General Contractors makes it a point to be out in the community the very next day. There is so much misinformation out there regarding storm damage and the insurance claims process for roofs and other property damage, so we strive to be a resource to all residents of the area that was hit. With Ethos on your side, you don’t have to worry about roof insurance claims in Denver or the surrounding areas. Here’s why:

  • You receive an initial property consultation at no charge.
  • You work with one rep to ensure your satisfaction. Our main goal is to be there for you throughout the restoration process and address any and all questions and concerns you may have along the way.
  • Our Account Representatives are highly trained to evaluate property damage and develop a comprehensive scope of work to present to your insurance company.
  • We have years of extensive experience dealing with restoration projects and providing roof insurance claims assistance in Colorado.
  • Our experience has allowed us to develop a system which gives customers peace of mind. When Ethos handles your hail damage in Denver, you can rest easy knowing that all damaged components of your roof are documented and accounted for.

FAQ About Home Roof Insurance Claims In Denver, CO

The insurance claims process on a tablet device. At Ethos, we can provide expert support for any hail damage insurance roof claims in Denver.

The first step to providing roof insurance claims education in Colorado is helping our clients understand all of the different facets of the roof repair and claims process. These are frequently asked questions we get from residents who are working through the process of a roof repair claim in Denver and surrounding areas:

What do I do to start the hail damage claim process?

Call your insurance company, notify them of the date of the storm and what has been damaged. Set up a time for an adjuster to come inspect your property.

Can I decide who I want to use for a contractor or do I have to use who my insurance company recommends?

You have the option to use any contractor you like and feel comfortable with. You do not have to use a contractor that is recommended by the insurance carrier.

Do I need to get 3 bids?

No, you do not have to get 3 bids. Select a contractor you feel comfortable with that can help you through the entire restoration process from beginning to end. A contractor you trust can help alleviate the stress of home roof insurance claims in Denver.

Should I have a contractor present at the insurance adjustment?

Yes, it is important to have the contractor that will be performing restoration present at the adjustment. If you work with Ethos on your restoration project, we will meet the adjustor at your home to ensure that they are able to assess the entire scope of the damage and that no detail goes undocumented. Advocating for our clients is one of the key ways we're able to support homeowners through the home roof insurance claims process.

How much will I have to pay?

When hail damage claims are dealt with correctly, your only out of pocket expense is your insurance deductible. Check with your agent to ensure you have proper coverage and no exclusions that would cause you to pay above and beyond the deductible.

Does the insurance company pay the contractor or the homeowner?

The insurance company will pay the property owner directly. Your mortgage company will be on the checks, as well. There are typically 2 payments. You will get an initial check to get the work started called the “ACV” (Actual Cash Value). Once all work is complete the insurance company will pay the remainder of the funds that were held back, which is called the depreciation.

If I get bids lower than my insurance settlement, do I get to keep the rest?

No. If you receive a lower bid than the insurance settlement, the insurance company has to be notified and additional funds will not be released above and beyond the lower bid.

Can I upgrade materials?

You can upgrade materials from what you had before for an additional cost above your deductible. Check with your contractor for upgrade options and pricing.

Your Partner For Storm Damage In Denver

When your home is affected by storm damage, the last thing you need is to be floundering through the roof repair claims process. Ensure a worry-free roof repair experience by turning to Ethos General Contractors. With our expertise in roofing services and experience supporting homeowners through the storm restoration process, we’ll make sure you get the amount you’re entitled to for your storm damage restoration. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.